Custom Dry Erase Board

Kubota Mfg. Production Tracker Dry Erase Board With Rolling Stand 48″ x 96″

This personalized markerboard was created for Kubota MFG, in the size of 48″ x 96″, and was designed to help them track a variety of different manufacturing/production metrics. We provided non-pivoting stands with this set of boards, which allows them the flexibility of moving things to whichever portion of the warehouse they need to move things to

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SIZETRIM1 pc.2-4 pcs.5-9 pcs.10-24 pcs.25+
18" x 24"1/4"$152.70$148.89$145.07$141.25$137.43START QUOTE
24" x 36"1/4"$169.54$165.30$161.06$156.82$152.58START QUOTE
36" x 48"1/4"$251.57$245.28$238.99$232.70$226.42START QUOTE
48" x 60"1/2"$503.01$490.44$477.86$465.29$452.71START QUOTE
48" x 72"1/2"$549.15$535.42$521.70$507.97$494.24START QUOTE
48" x 96"1/2"$773.01$755.71$721.12$703.82$669.24START QUOTE