Hospital Whiteboards

Whiteboards have become an essential tool in healthcare facilities due to their versatility and usefulness. Hospital staff use patient whiteboards to display vital information about patients, including their name, medical condition, allergies, and treatment plan. Doctors and nurses utilize nursing whiteboards to communicate notes and messages regarding patient care to the patient and patient’s family. Furthermore, hospital whiteboards serve as visual aids during team meetings and rounds.

As a premier whiteboard manufacturer in this industry, Dry Erase Designs® has supplied custom printed hospital whiteboards to hospitals and nursing homes to manage patient-staff communication with scheduling, tracking and notes. Some custom patient whiteboards we have created: Patient Tracking, Operating Room Board, Patient Board, Patient Communication Board, Rehabilitation Patient Tracker, Trauma Boards, ER Patient Boards, Veterinary Boards, and many others. Add logos or any art at no additional cost.