Mobile Whiteboards on Wheels

Whiteboards are an essential component of any modern workspace, allowing you to brainstorm ideas, plan projects, and collaborate with your team. But, sometimes, you need to move them around or take them to a different location, which can be difficult due to their size and weight.

A mobile whiteboard on wheels is a practical and convenient solution to this problem, as it allows you to easily transport your whiteboard wherever you need it.

The mobility of rolling whiteboards allows you to position your new dry erase board on a stand in front of a window or challenging wall. The flexibility of a mobile unit gives you freedom to creates a large writing surface in an otherwise unsatisfactory layout. These free-standing whiteboard solutions provide flexibility and functionality. Mobile whiteboards are widely popular in many Lean and Workplace environments.

Our mobile dry erase boards come in 5 standard sizes, but custom sizes are available. Give us a call with your special needs on mobile whiteboards.