We have 5 standard sizes for a Rotating Mobile Board on lockable wheels, and two versions of each size.

Selections are custom printed on both sides or custom printed on one side with plain whiteboard on the other side.

Please select a size to start your quote, or contact us if you have questions. If you want a custom size for your whiteboard on a mobile, call us or contact us.

48″ x 36″Print 1 – Plain 1$923.00$689.00$590.00START QUOTE
48″ x 36″Print 2 sides$971.00$731.00$628.00START QUOTE
48″ x 48″Print 1 – Plain 1$1011.00$767.00$660.00START QUOTE
48″ x 48″Print 2 sides$1179.00$929.00$815.00START QUOTE
60″ x 48″Print 1 – Plain 1$1,214.00$950.00$822.00START QUOTE
60″ x 48″Print 2 sides$1,290.00$1018.00$883.00START QUOTE
72″ x 48″Print 1 – Plain 1$1,242.00$975.00$845.00START QUOTE
72″ x 48″Print 2 sides$1,327.00$1052.00$913.00START QUOTE
96″ x 48″Print 1 – Plain 1$1,413.00$1136.00$984.00START QUOTE
96″ x 48″Print 2 sides$1,725.00$1,334.00$1482.00START QUOTE