Whiteboard Magnets

We offer a complete line of dry erase accessories, and custom printed magnets, which can be the final touch to your personalized dry erase project. No matter what your need, we can create it for you.

  • Custom Printed magnets
  • Printed, dry erase magnets
  • Die Cut magnets
  • Standard header magnets
  • Full line of accessories
  • Custom printed, air-release overlays, with dry erase laminate, which can be installed over pre-existing surfaces
  • Mini dry erase boards, called message boards

Magnets add to the versatility of a custom printed white board. When you are not sure what should be in the header lines of your board, use a printed magnet that can be moved around on the board. If you want anything to “stick” to a steel surface, add a magnet to the back of it for a sure, non-invasive attachment. If you want your printed dry erase board to BE a magnet, we can make that for you, as well.