Supplying Artwork for Custom Printed Whiteboards

Supplying Custom Artwork Whiteboard

The key to a superior finished product is the artwork supplied by the client. We can evaluate and assist you with your files for this process.

Vector Files

Vector - Adobe IllustratorWe work with Adobe Illustrator which produces vector files. These are the best quality files to send. Their prefixes are .eps or .ai. When sending vector files please set all your fonts to outlines/curves before submitting them to us. This will convert the text to a graphic ensuring that your fonts look like the font you used within your program. Our designers may not have your specific font.

PDF File Adobe AcrobatYou can submit a pdf file, but often these files contain non-vector elements that could cause poor quality problems. Our graphics team will evaluate the files and inform you of any issues.

Photographs or Rasterized Images

Adobe PhotoshopAll photographs are bitmaps, their quality, and the ability to enlarge them depends on their resolution.  The only way to know if the image will look good at the printed size is to process it in an imaging program, such as Photoshop. We can evaluate any image you send. We will need to know the final size of the printed board to truly evaluate the files.

We print photos as received without color management. These photos must be sized in the final print size PLUS 1” larger on all 4 sides (Add 2” to the overall width and height).

If color management is requested, there is a $75.00 per hour charge plus costs for transmitting proofs. We require a hard target prior to doing color management. Even with a target, color management can involve multiple hours of work and subsequent billing.

Don’t hesitate to call us at 1-484-479-3110 or for any questions regarding artwork for your custom whiteboards.

Once you have completed your designed and you are ready to send to us, read how to send us artwork.