Veterinary Custom Printed Dry Erase Whiteboards

Veterinary Whiteboards

Veterinary offices have very similar needs for animals as a doctor’s office or hospital has for people. Veterinary Dry Erase Whiteboards help keep your practice on track. The big difference is that the patients in veterinary offices are not able to verbally communicate information or needs to the doctor. Because of the communication barrier, animals often need more attention, care, scheduling, and training than people.
It is imperative that the veterinary doctors and the staff need to be able to communicate more closely with each other. Efficiency avoids mistakes, therefore giving the best possible care. Our well-designed custom printed dry erase boards let your staff, specifically, see and control details about each patient.
A custom printed veterinary whiteboard will help organize and prioritize pet examinations, surgeries, and schedules. We know that each veterinary office has different needs and, concurrently, need to track different information. Each board is specifically designed for you.
Contact us to talk about which whiteboard size and graphics would work best for you. Our custom printed veterinary whiteboards can be magnetic or non-magnetic. We can add logos, watermarks, and pictures therefore making it your own design. Our design team works with you to develop a custom printed whiteboard that captures your special information that echoes your branding.

Brevard Humane Society

Supplemental thoughts and Ideas!

  • Sublimation process makes for a long lasting, dry erase whiteboard that won’t crack, peel or fade.
  • This printing process allows the boards to be thoroughly cleaned. This is very important in this industry.
  • Customize your size.
  • Organize and prioritize pet examinations.
  • Use it as a planner for the daily appointments.
  • Outline the patient information to be displayed, such as: owner, animal type, pet name, weight, procedures planned, medications, etc.
  • Set a board up to list the rooms and the occupancy and the patient’s vitals and care expected.
  • Use custom boards in veterinary offices, animal hospitals, emergency clinics, and other pet care facilities

Here are a few samples from our work in Veterinary.